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The last two years have witnessed significant growth in small businesses in the UK. Studies show that 660,000 businesses were set up in 2016, which is an increase from the 608,000 that were started in 2015. Investors find the UK to be a unique place to start and grow businesses pretty fast. Some experts relate the upward trend to the increasing government-sponsored initiatives that were introduced in 2010 to encourage citizens to launch companies. In 2011, for instance, the coalition government set up StartUp Britain, a business-led campaign to promote enterprises in the UK and increase tax breaks for small businesses and investors. Start-up loans were also issued to more than 46,000 start-up companies. This encouraging move motivated more people to set up companies that will help foster the growth of the economy. Here are useful ideas for people looking to launch companies.

Food Business

More people are adjusting their food habits to fit their increasingly busy lifestyles. This creates an excellent opportunity to start a food business that caters to the needs of the working class. You need to study the behaviour of your target market as there are different types of food businesses. For example, you can convert commercial properties for sale into a late-night café or restaurant if you live a neighbourhood where people lead a busy lifestyle. Such a market is likely to squeeze in a fourth meal before going to bed hence, a late-night deli that caters to such people is confident to thrive. You can also venture into selling healthy food. Only a few businesses have taken to producing and selling organic food, creating a massive gap in the market. Alternatively, you may start a street food business. What makes this start-up so appealing is the amount of capital you need. With a truck, van or other such vehicles, you can set up a street food joint.

Liquor Store

There is a huge market for the alcohol business in the UK. Britons are known to be largest consumers of gins, craft beer and mixers. The new sugar tax only means liquor stores will explore other alternatives to entertain their customers. As such, you can purchase one of the commercial properties for sale at Proplist to open a pub or a bar where you sell hybrid tipples, premium mixers or regular beer. Alternatively, you can launch a liquor business that delivers business to the door of the customer. With online shopping gaining momentum, you want to capitalise on such an opportunity. All you need is to set up a subscription service that selects the latest brands.

Pet Services

Many households are buying pets for company and other recreation activities. Studies show that Britons spent £ 11.6 billion in 2017 to purchase gifts, food and medicine for their pets. It shows the enormous potential that this business offers to people who aspire to launch companies. You can specialise in a dog walking business, pet grooming service or pet store.

Cleaning Business

You can venture into different types of cleaning businesses. These may include car washing, carpet cleaning and window cleaning. The business does not need to be set up in a permanent place since you can offer mobile car washing services, which is much more convenient for the average motorist.

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