How Tech is Continuing to Revolutionise the Workplace

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Offices have come a very long way since the cubicle days of the 1950s. Now they’re homes away from home, modern hubs of creativity and innovation, with features that would seem completely alien to previous generations. Coworking startups like WeWork have free beer on tap alongside their more professional services, while a Shoreditch serviced office space like Proper Office provide everything from roof gardens to ping-pong tables.

One of the most common features of the modern workplace, however, is technology. Employers are becoming increasingly willing and able to provide agile working between home and the office and offering super-fast and powerful connections, both remotely and in the office. And as we spend more time at work – employees are looking for more home comforts too.

Here are just a few of the newest and emerging technologies that can be brought into any workplace to boost morale and performance, and possibly revolutionise the entire way a businessruns.

Virtual reality

Conference calls can often seem to be a lot more stress than they’re worth, especially when there’s multiple parties all trying to pitch in from various locations. Fortunately, the burgeoning world of virtual reality has stepped the weekly call up a few gears with the MiddleVR. This software lets people upload 3D models of the products, properties or other projects that they’re working on and meet virtually to discuss them. It allows them to see a prototype as it would appear in ‘real life,’ to see its size, dimensions and overall design as if were really there in the room.

Interactive Brainstorming

Along a similar vein, technologies such as Jamboard allow whiteboards to merge with TV-like screens to connect people across offices. Everyone can use the same board to brainstorm on, as if they were all in the same room.

Voice Recognition

Voice recognition is quickly evolving beyond Siri’s wildest dreams. Technology is quickly picking up on the nuances and intricacies of human speech, and as we generally can speak faster than we can type, this is a valuable asset in the workplace environment. Voice assistants are increasingly being utilised to help with workflows and basic tasks; it won’t be long before you can say ‘espresso’ and the work coffee machine will transform your wish into a real-life command.

Nap pods

Some of the biggest companies around the world, including Google, are seeing the benefits of installing nap pods in their office. Whether employees simply want 10 minutes of downtime away from their desk, or are looking for a quick shut-eye after a late night, nap pods are helping offices cater to employee needs, and hopefully helping to boost productivity and employee wellbeing at the same time.

Many pods offer TV screens inside, so workers can drift off to their favourite TV shows – especially handy if they know they have a late night in the office ahead of them. It may sound counterintuitive to a productive day, but there is a growing body of research that employees who allow themselves a bit of downtime to reduce their stress levels, are more productive as a result.

This year, offices are also seeing a proliferation of AI and cloud-based solutions, of which there are many. As workers and workplaces become more flexible, there has also been a rise in co-working and shared office spaces. Shoreditch and other startup hubs may once have been the spiritual home of flexible working and high-tech office solutions, but they are becoming increasingly common throughout the world of work.

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