How To Design The Layout Of Your New Office

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The best offices are those where the employees are inspired to put their best foot forward at all times. Research has shown that a comfortable work environment is a highly effective one and so it only makes sense to ensure that the work place is somewhere that your work force is eager to spend the bulk of their days.

It starts with creating an atmosphere that is warm and inviting so your employees can feel their best and perform at their highest potential. Accomplishing this feat relies on designing a layout that promotes a healthy work place for your staff as well as creating a welcoming and professional office space for clients and guests who come to visit.

Designing your office layout should be done by incorporating a range of factors that allows you to carefully consider your workspace from every conceivable angle. This includes taking the time to decide on the type of furniture you select and the arrangement of those pieces in a manner that supports a vibrant and active work area.

You may be under the assumption that you should hire a professional design team to help you meet these goals but you would be incorrect. This is something you can do all on your own. When the time comes to start designing the layout of a brand new office or you are just planning to expand the space that your firm currently occupies, these are some of the most critical facets to keep in mind.

Adopt a Philosophy

The first and most egregious mistake that too many people commit is also the same one that must be avoided at all costs. That is creating an office layout that lacks a point of view. You may already have one in mind, the more creative you are the more likely it is that you’ve got this part covered.

But for those of you still searching for a design identity, you may want to consider the philosophy of Herman Miller, one of the great furniture designers and the chief architect of the so-called “Living Office”. His outlook on the modern office space embraces an elevated approach to design that empowers employees and organizations to achieve their goals.

Miller’s belief system for office design pinpoints six essential necessities that cater to the shared experience of each and every human being. These are achievement, autonomy, belonging, purpose, security, and status. All of the key aspects of your office design are related to creating a heightened experience for work.

Adopting this type of philosophy can inform your other decisions going forward. Whether you choose to follow Miller’s way of thinking or creating your own, this is an integral first step in building the look and feel you really want for your office space layout.

Without it, you may not have the direction necessary for affecting an effective layout design for your new office.

Ask Around

As you go about putting together an office layout that will benefit your workforce, why not get them involved and ask your employees what they might prefer. Put out a call to your employees to have each and every one of them offer their thoughts on what they want or don’t want in their office environment.

Taking the temperature of your workforce into account allows you to hear them out and see what the consensus might be for keeping your employees happy. There will inevitably be a wide range of ideas, suggestions, and opinions and you should take them all into account.

See if there are certain common thoughts that are shared by the majority of your workers. This will also make your employees feel more empowered and part of the process.

Purchasing the Right Furniture

If there’s one thing you simply cannot live without in any office environment, it’s furniture. Selecting the right items does not need to be a challenge either, it just has to offer smart styling, functionality, and convenience. You shouldn’t have to pay through the nose for it either, just ensure that everything matches and complements the overall interior décor of your space.

But some executives believe that the way to buy better office furniture is to go for those prestigious name brands and luxurious labels. Nothing could be further from the truth as you don’t need to spend a lot to give your office that professional appearance.

Just be sure that what you purchase is manufactured well and built to last and, more important than anything else, is comfortable to use. There is nothing worse than being forced to in a chair or desk that is hard on the legs or back for much of the day.

A good rule of thumb to follow is to find a gsa approved vendor of furniture and ask about the various options that are available.

Cramped Spaces

There’s nothing worse than working in an environment that feels like you are living on top of everything around you and those surroundings could all collapse in on top of you at the same time. Overcrowded work spaces are not conducive to effective productivity. So be sure not to put too many furnishings into one room at the same time.

This can make the office look unkempt, disorganized, and cluttered which is highly unprofessional in terms of your aesthetics. Ease up on the furnishings and be sure to spread things out more. It won’t just improve the look and feel of the office, it will be easier to move around.

Lobby Space

The lobby is the first thing anyone sees when they walk into your office space. It’s where you will meet and greet visitors and guests and have them sit as they wait for their appointments to start. That means you want to provide ample seating space in furniture that looks great and feels comfortable.

This is where office layout plays an important role in providing a professional appearance for your work environment. The lobby is the first thing people see when they visit so give them something impressive to look at.

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