Yelp Advertising: Is it Worth Your Hard-Earned Money?

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Yelp reviews and advertising are a difficult subject to discuss. Most people today use Yelp to find companies and establishments that offer the best services. And since a lot of people use them, companies and business owners will use it as a marketing platform to advertise their products. Just like Google AdWords, Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, company and business owners can use Yelp advertising to get product placement and ranking. But using Yelp for product advertisement is not all good news.

For every success story you read on the internet, you can find another story that labels Yelp ads as a big scam. The big question is, ” Is Yelp advertising worth your hard-earned money?” While we are trying to be neutral, we will discuss the reasons why some people are calling Yelp ads as a total racket.

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The shady history of Yelp

As far as customer experiences go, every customer has their own extreme experiences to tell when it comes to service providers. Some have great success advertising using Yelp. There are also people who experience frustrations utilizing the platform. But if you do your research in regards to Yelp ads, you will find out that most business owners think that Yelp is not worth your money. There are reasons why they believe Yelp is just a waste of money and time. One reason is the shady history of the company.

There have been accusations of reviews and pages manipulation leveraging advertisement sales pointed at Yelp. They have been accused of hiding positive reviews and promoting negative reviews. Yelp denies all these allegations. In 2014, a judge in San Francisco ruled that even if Yelp is involved in data and review manipulations, it is still legal according to the state law. Whether the allegations are true or not, it is enough to make people think that Yelp advertising is not worth it.

Yelp will lock the advertisers in a contract

Facebook, Google Ads or other advertising platforms are using pay-per-click method for their advertisers to let them come and go if they want to explore other platforms. But not Yelp, they want to lock business owners into a contract if they’re going to use their advertising services. Yelp contact ranges from $500 per month to $3,000 per month. Although the price is reasonable, there is a reason why most businesses think it’s not worth it. Yelp have services that are reasonable and logical to be locked into a contract, but when it comes to online advertising, it’s a no-go.

Take, for example; hypothetically, you paid $3,000 for a month of advertising on an Edmonton Yelp page, all of a sudden, you realized that you are not getting the return on your investment. If you are using Yelp ads, you will have to finish your contract, no questions asked.

With other advertising platforms like Facebook or Google AdWords, if you are not getting the result that you want, the solution is simple, stop. No contract will bind you for a certain amount of time. With Yelp, whether you are successful or not with your campaign, you need to pay a month’s worth of ads. That money could be used elsewhere if the campaign is not going well. Paying for an ineffective advertisement campaign makes no sense, especially for startup companies and small business enterprises with limited funds for ads.

Yelp analytics don’t have enough information

Analytics and insights are the most critical aspects of product advertising. Using analytics, you can learn how the product should be advertised, how advertising works and why you need to promote your products. It can help you develop an effective marketing technique and strategy to focus on. Without the help of analytics, it is like throwing money on a campaign hoping it will work without doing anything. Although Yelp provides decent in-depth analytics, they lack one particular aspect of advertising: keywords.

Other advertising platforms like Google AdWords allows you to plan the keywords that can help promote your product regarding SEO or Search Engine Optimization. Not only that, they analyze your keywords whether they can give your product a boost or not. With this information, you can plan a marketing and advertising strategy you can use in your website or products to maximize the search term’s potential. Yelp doesn’t have these kinds of information. If you are playing at least $1,000 on an advertising platform, it is better to have access to these kinds of information so you can adjust your strategy depending on what is trending on the advertising world.

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