Why do you often offend people?

Admin@ | February 6, 2019 | 0 | General

When you meet strangers for the first time, you are most disgusted with what the other party is doing:

  1. Keep asking you personal questions
  2. Keeping distance with you deliberately
  3. Always grabbing
  4. Pretending to be familiar with you.

Test results:

  1. You are a person who pays great attention to personal privacy. His personality is slightly autistic and he does not like to expose his personal information to the public. This will make you very uncomfortable. So you hate talking about your private life with people you are not familiar with. And in the process of getting along with people around, you hate people making jokes about your background or personal problems, you will get angry no matter who the other person is, so you can easily offend people.
  2. You really want to have a harmonious and harmonious relationship, and establish good communication with unfamiliar people, but you also think that taking the initiative to hurt your self-esteem. Because you think you are a very attractive person, you always look at yourself in interpersonal relationships, so you can easily offend people.
  3. When a person speaks to master the dominance, it usually means that this person is very angry. If this person says that he keeps you dumb when he meets, then this person is hoping to overwhelm you from the momentum and let you know his power. . If someone like your plan says that you are also very proud, don’t want others to overpower you. Therefore, your usual performance will be very strong, it is easy to offend people.
  4. You are not very confident about your ability to cope, and you lack trust in others, so you usually reject others and offend others.

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